2019 brought in new rules for the game of golf. What are they and what do you they mean for your game?




We will add links to a the full list of new rules for 2019 below. but here is a snapshot of 9 new rules that will have the most effect on your game.




  1. Lost Ball– Gone are the days when you had a solid 5 minutes to look for your lost ball. You now have 3 minutes.
  2. Fixing Spike Marks– You can now repair damage on the greens without penalty (included: spike marks to animal damage)
  3. Accidental ball movement – There are no longer penalties for accidentally moving your ball during a search or on the putting green
  4. Use of Distance -Measuring Devices- The use of DMD’s are allowed unless a local rule has been adopted stating otherwise.
  5. Encouraging Prompt Pace of Play– It is recommended that you play “ready golf” and make each stroke in no more than 40 seconds
  6. Maximum Score Form of Stoke Play– A new “maximum score” form of stroke play is recognized, where your score for a hole is capped at a max score.
  7. Elimination of the Requirement to announce the players intent to lift a ball– When you have a good reason to mark and lift your ball, you are no longer required to first announce your intention.
  8. Reasonable judgement in estimating and measuring– A player’s reasonable judgement will not be second-guessed based on later evidence.
  9. Droppping when taking relief- When you are required to take a drop, the procedure is to drop from knee height .




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